Domaine des Ardoisières, Schiste 2016,Ardoisieres,

Domaine des Ardoisieres, Schiste 2016

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Domaine des Ardoisières, Schiste 2016

We have alpine viticulture here, very steep, all pure terrace locations. Extreme manual work in biodynamic management, high stock densities and minimal yields. The crate comes from a south-southeast exposed, barren slate slope with a 60% slope. A short cold maceration is followed by spontaneous fermentation and expansion for one year in used barriques. The nose is reserved, very puristic, almost a bit barren. Very subtle hints of citrus, lime, ripe lemon, a mineral veil with flint underneath. Quite with hints of slate wort, albeit differently than on the Moselle. Coupled with the fine yeast flavor, this results in a very distinctive and idiosyncratic wine. As always with Ardoisières, the fruit changes between yellow and slightly green. We have alpine viticulture here and, under normal conditions, never fully or overripe grapes, but subtle ripening like in a cabinet. Nevertheless, extremely sustainable and aromatic wines. Here the aroma is transported through delicacy and freshness, as on the Saar or the Nahe. Juicy green-yellow fruit on the palate with citrus freshness and lime zest, fine herbiness and long yeast-dominated, slightly salty finish. Clearly dry, slim and racy, balanced and balanced reflecting the soil. A dance wine that is close to the Middle Moselle in terms of its lightness of being, albeit with a little less acid. Reminiscent of Vollenweider from Traben-Trarbach in this purity and the expression of the taste of the soil.