Jean Stodden Alte Reben 2016,Jean Stodden,

Jean Stodden Alte Reben 2016

Jean Stodden
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Jean Stodden Spätburgunder Alte Reben 2016

These are the oldest vines in the house, which of course can also be read from the name. Not a big plant, it is 100% from Recher Herrenberg. It is not permitted to make two different large plants (one of which is only called Old Vines) from the same large location. These vines are root-safe, which is an absolute rarity - this can only stand for protection of the stock, otherwise root-rights are not permitted with the new wine law from 1971. These vines are 90 to 100 years old, planted in the 20s. By default there are two barriques of this wine, only aged in new wood, of course completely debracked. This nose clearly corresponds to the previously tasted Herrenberg, only significantly more concentrated, yet just as ultra-fine, only the scent pulls almost to the brain, puts pressure, has a fine sharpness. Minerality, a lot of white pepper, rock flour and the finest currant, in addition to strawberry and raspberry, also a hint of cherry, but very intense, with extreme tenderness. Anyone who now expects an explosion in force and intensity in the mouth will be disappointed here. Here it is rather a turbocharger in the fineness and length. With high acidity and minerality. Here too a lot of pepper, almost spicy in the mouth. Infinitely long through all the salt, a super dreamy mouth. How do you describe this wine? Maybe a turbo version of a Volnay, and the whole thing on German fruit. This is perfection in the ahr if you want this extreme delicacy and don't want a power pinot.