Ermitage Blanc Le Reverdy 2018, FERRATON PERE ET FILSLAR,

Ermitage Blanc Le Reverdy 2018

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Ermitage Blanc Le Reverdy 2018 BIO

The North Rhône, like Burgundy, was more blessed than the south in 2018. There was significantly less disease pressure and far fewer crop failures. The wines are characterized by a high concentration, lush fruit and insane purity. They are massive and powerful, dark fruit with high freshness and delicacy. It is the third big year in a row for the Northern Rhône and possibly even the best of the three, as it can be finer than the sometimes lush 2017 and more powerful than the elegant 2016. All white wine grapes at Ferraton are pressed "full bunch". Fermentation only as spontaneous fermentation without the addition of any yeast in small wood. There is a cold maceration in advance, then two weeks of fermentation. Then careful pressing. The wines are aged in 225 and 600 liter wooden barrels. Ferraton only uses used drums that are purchased. No new wood. The wines remain on the yeast without bottonnage until they are bottled. The floors are made of limestone and shell limestone from two different small plots, Le Meal facing south and already leaning towards the east Le Beaume, already lying in the Mistral, another small part of Roussanne is high up on the slope, still above Le Meal. Of course everything in biodynamic processing. Less than half a hectare, there are only 1200 bottles a year. The specialty: 50% Marsanne, 50% Roussanne. There is hardly a white Hermitage planted so sophisticated in terms of freshness and coolness as this Reverdy. This coolness can now be found in the nose of this 2018 model. He does not show this Roussane-typical oilyness, which can partly remind of Viognier. We have tension, lots of yellow fruit, rich saltiness from the granite floors. An incredible, almost furious start in the mouth, this insane freshness, this crazy minerality and length. With grapefruit and lemongrass, the whole thing goes to melon, a little bit of passion fruit, a tiny hint of the exotic, orange zest, lime rolled in sugar and salt. Long-lasting, exciting, mineral, never-ending. This is a big, white Hermitage. I just bought the 2014 because it was so awesome. You have to give this wine up to 10 years, but it is without question one of the great white wines from the Hermitage mountain.