Demeter Zoltan Őszhegy 2017, Demeter Zoltan,

Demeter Zoltan Oszhegy 2017

Demeter Zoltan
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€ 40.00
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Demeter Zoltan zszhegy 2017

100% Muscat blanc (German Muscat) from the single layer Öszhegy. This grape variety otherwise migrates often and traditionally in the noble sweet and botrytis-shaped Tokaji Aszu. Not at Zoltan! Demeter Zoltan is one of the pioneers of Tokaji, he knows the locations like no other and proves with such cuvées how great the Tokaj terroir is also suitable for dry white wines. Almost colorless in the glass, the wine only shows its complexity in the bouquet. Lime zest, dried rose petals, passion fruit, a little ripe nectarine, a touch of dry Gewürztraminer. The wine is guided by its strong structure on the palate. It builds up powerful pressure on the palate, is salty and exotic at the same time. Ripe apricots, lychee and an expressive spiciness characterize this dry white wine. Quite different from Demeter Zoltan's Furmint, much more intense and exotic. Incredibly complex, a white wine with an enormous depth.